About Us

We started compiling in 2014 and brought out the first print copies of Vol.1 First Edition in 2015/16-2020, while the volume 2 first edition is under production.

It is 5yearly listing valid! But it is reprinted yearly to add more discovered good top/standard schools, brands and update info of already listed schools, brands and other details therein. And copies are distributed to all public and private libraries, embassies in Nigeria and all the Nigerian embassies abroad (the edu.dept.), educational research centres, government parastatals – study office/libraries), family centres, children and family clinics, and schools, including public and private universities libraries. All these help for easy reach by interested searchers.


The Educational Directory showcases over 10,000 top private schools and standard good schools from pre-schools to sixth form schools in all the thirty-six (36) states and FCT Nigeria – which have been carefully searched, viewed/observed, visited, spoken about and spoken to in consideration for their services, mission, vision, world class facilities, grand academic history, persistency and continued educational consistency and improvement, high moral values and ethics, high class academic attitude, secured and hygienic environment!


The Directory also showcases the brief profiles of educational ICONs-some of Nigeria’s top educators whose works in the educational sector have helped strengthened the then weakling sector with their aggressive  approach  to instill world class academic standard and made the sector an enviable one today, and now inspired new generation young educators who are determined to do even better!


The Education search Book lists schools by state, and axis – (actual locations) there by, making it very easy for parents, students, Educational Marketers/Educational researchers, and others, to easily identify and locate the type or the class of school/schools they need.


The Directory, especially the print version, highlights on important places, facts and educational and vital social information, details and contacts of Nigeria and the world, which will help students, tutors and researchers enrich their knowledge and awareness of these important issues and contacts.


The Book also has listing of important educational marketers/organizations (publishers, bookstores in each state of the federation, dates of international educational events and places, educational training services providers, educational furniture makers/stores, educational wears stores, lab equipment stores, academic sport coaches, foods and beverages companies/services list of consented online education sites, etc.) under the branded and advert pages. These are to enhance an easy get-in-touch, and increase the wide visibility of the services providers.