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How to use the Book

You have to use this book to generate more customers to yourself!

If you wait for the publishers to generate customers for you, it will be one sideded because we have many more schools and other brands on the book and won’t be able to concentrate on one client or school, and leave the others out!...

We all need customers!

The reason we are all here – to increase our visibility and get more patronage!.... so, no particular client or school is special or more special to us as far as this book is concern…the only differences are that some are in pictures, and some are in words!... Some are big, and some are small but on the whole, all are uniquely located and offer varying Unique educational Services. However, the book stands in a unique position still to generate customers for you! With or without your efforts... (“Good Product or Market,” they say, “Sells itself’’).

The Book shall go places!

… And everywhere the book gets, people must see you inside!

…Even if it gets to uncivilized societies, they will at least see the imageries it conveys and then read meanings to it!

The importance of books are inevitable!.. After all, all the things we know are from the numerous books we have read and are reading. Internet will come and go, short down, get corrupt and needs restructuring, rebuilding or reprogrammed, but books remain the same except eaten up by rats, destroyed by water, fire or purposely torn!…it will continue to serve generations after generations!

When parents, students, and other prospective get engrossed hearing the names of your Schools, and seeing your schools here and there – on unique display medias, they will be forced to call, make enquiries and even book a school tour.

This is the biggest goal you have to score!…..Your ability to win the Parents over, their desires for a standard good school with Unique and quality services by displaying a positive control over what they see during a school tour or online or telephone inquiries, matters a lot!

BY PARENTS: Firstly the book is available in top bookstores, libraries and even in your child’s school – The moment you site it and have interest on it, quickly borrow, buy or google it online – and search the actual state or states you wish to have your child or children go to school – Use the states listed page to check the page number of the state or states you wish to checkout – Go to the pages and find out the schools showcased and mentioned to see those you may later checkout via their websites –

List out your choice schools’ Names, Locations and Websites – Check them out, communicate with the school heads to know more about their services and terms and conditions of admission, and then book appointment for a school tour to enable you have a physical experience of What the school offers before making up your mind. And if possible, checkout if there is any referral list where you can find parents whose children have successful finished  from that school – to help give you the assurance you need.

“Success,” they say, “does not come by sitting in one place.” So, a good student will always have to read anything and everything, move around, look around and ask questions.


So either by coming in contact with the educational directory, via online, or in a bookstore, a school or library, pick it and flip through it and even read it – by knowing what the book is all about, may draw your attention for your intended new place to school where to suggest to your parents for your college education or your sixth form. So, endeavor to make time and read through the whole book, it may help you have an idea of what good schools are offering in some states you have never been to.

“No Man is an Island,” they say. This shows that Co-existence is inevitable in any civilized and also growing societies.

Man must Co -exist!

Do not conclude that because you ran a good and in fact the best private school in one state, therefore no other should exist or try to come up with your kind of ideas.


Note that, even your ideas, you must have gotten the inspiration from somewhere, before you decided to build on it.

So adopt a liberal mindset.

Let as many schools owners and investors wishing to invest in education do so…After all, no one school can accommodate all the number of children in all the states or in a state!


And this is where it becomes important for one school type to feed another school type – for example a strictly Pre-School owner can feed a strictly primary school owner with her graduating pupils. So also, strictly primary school owner can feed a strictly secondary school owner with her graduating pupils due for high school education.


Although, this days, most schools do all the 3 levels or 4 levels of education. But still, not all Parents would their businesses or work types allow them remain in one particular state or area. So, in a situation like this, a school owner may need to help recommend another good school to a mobile parent so the standard of education the children were given would not get lost.


Here, a school owner having the book, would consult it by thoroughly checking through the listed schools in the choice state or area/axis and also offer it to his or her parents to search through to help them decide on a good school or schools to approach.


For marketing your school services; with the listed schools’ emails, websites, phone numbers, a school owner through the marketing team of the school, can contact as many good schools as possible to see the possibility of getting students from their graduating pupils.

This book is your ‘Best friend!” No matter how many schools you know already, as you move on, you find out there are so many more good schools you’ve never heard about because you limited your search for good schools to only one particular source.


It is generally believed that all good schools should be online! All good schools should be in the educational directory and other educational search books! But unfortunately some not all good schools are visible or enjoy wide visibility – some due to fear of insecurity, others due to self pride, that they are the best-so people should rack their heads to know that they exist if they must know them. Some don’t believe in any form of media publicity. They believe in referral via words of month from their old parents to other parents, does the magic. So, in any of the above conditions how would any educational marketer who does not move around know that such good schools exist?

Or even as many new top good schools spring out every year…so you got to keep searching for more and more new and even old good schools to market your products and services. Old good schools are always upgrading their facilities and services to meet with the changing world class standard in education, so don’t conclude that they are too old to understand. So, find them via directory listings.

By also ensuring you have a copy of the educational search book.

To consult and make an effective use of this educational directory – use your phone especially the WhatsApp services to list and store the phone numbers of all and as many schools as there are on the book on your phone contact and via it, text and forward WhatsApp images and proposal of what you offer and on how it works and how to reach you. Do it consistently until you start getting responses.

Also check out schools via their websites listed, to know more about the schools and the category of schools they are. And with their emails, you can forward detailed introduction and proposal of your brand and services etc. Do not give up until you have gotten a response from the schools – And do not limit your list on just a few, if possible have a list and numbers of all the listed schools on your phone, so as they respond, “yes and no, ” you eventually will get the number of schools you target to deal with.

 The educational directory is schools search made easy! No need for internet connection, just flip through it like your newspaper pages. Use it by carefully studying the different categories of listed and showcased schools. This will help you know how to reach and select from the categories of schools, and invite schools/students to your programmes and or exams.

The Educational Directory is an easy search – check the contents and index pages for schools you already know to get their listed pages on the book.

How to use this website

The more comprehensive work of the Educational Directory, is on the print version!

The Website will only enable you see and visit all listed top private and good standard pre-schools to sixth forms private schools in Nigeria via their listed state by state gallery pages on the site – And to know more about each school by also clicking on the schools’ listed websites gallery pages on the website. The contact details of all the schools are listed as designed on the print version and are displayed on their state by state directory listing gallery pages.

So, visitors to the site can gather more information and view of their choice schools by clicking on the all accessable listed websites of all the schools on the websites’ gallery pages on the Educational directory website.

The Publishers can also be consulted for any further assistance – to help recommend good schools in any particular state of choice and to link you up directly to the Administrators of your choice school or schools. Note that we do this after getting a one on one clearance from the school or schools.

In all, note that:

Everyone has a customer!
Every product has a buyer!
Then, advertise you!
And be Amazed you Have A customer!
Do not give up your search for the Best until you have gotten it!
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Thanks! We appreciate you All!
By Doris Fred